So you've heard a lot about Salesforce, but what makes it so different ?

Salesforce. You've heard of it. So much. So you're curious, what is this Salesforce everyone is talking about ? Why is it so great ? What makes Salesforce so different ?

Luckily, there is now a Trailhead trail for you. Trailhead is Salesforce learning platform, both awesome and fun.

Learn about Salesforce key differentiators, how it can help you drive customer success and why it's so innovative !

You'll also learn more about the benefits of having a platform in the cloud, from security

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Salesforce is strong with this one, and with you too !

Trailhead Battle Station

You may have heard, Trailhead is not just a training website, it's a FUN way to learn Salesforce.
Another thing you may have heard: the new Star Wars movie is out :D

So if you like both Trailhead and Star Wars (which is my case), we can say that the (awesome) Trailhead team just made a dream come true: They've just created a new project which will make you learn Salesforce by building a Battle Station in a Star Wars

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Lightning Experience is not only easy to use, it's also easy to learn

Learn Lightning on Trailhead You can't have miss it: On the 25th of August, Salesforce unveiled a whole new design for its CRM Platform. Well, actually it's much more than just a new desgin. Everything has been re-imagined to fit your Sales Reps needs. New Design. New Pages. New navigation. New functionalities.

So how do we learn learn how to use this new interface, if so many things have changed ? As you might have guessed, the answer is named Trailhead. And Salesforce has done

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Trailhead is not (only) for developers !

New on Trailhead If you're working on, you must have heard about Trailhead.
Trailhead is Salesforce self-learning website, teaching you everything you want from creating a field to setting up a mobile offline application. Everyone is talking about it, either on blogs or social networks like Twitter.

As part of my job as a Technical Architect at CGI (and unofficial insider Salesforce Evangelist), and as one of the Paris Salesforce Developer Group co-organizer, I've been pushing a lot Trailhead. I think

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